Me & Jane

I am typing this from the passenger seat of our car. At the moment we are in the middle of no place where there are more gnats than there are people. Picture tumbleweeds and semi trucks. Isn't technology amazing! When you can blog from your car, on the highway in the middle of no where, I THINK SO! We are on our way to find a new home for our sweet little family in Ventura County. Im a mess of emotions about the move but excited and optimistic about house hunting. I took these pictures before we hit the road. This little nugget weighs all of twenty pounds at fifteen months old and has only six teeth. She says "thank you" "this" "no" "baby" and "down." I'm wondering when she will say zanahoria (carrot). Hah! She loves them! And I love this little Matilda Jane dress. It has the cutest car print all over and then an apron with a bit of lace. Perfect for Miss Stella.
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  1. Cute dress!! Good luck with your home searching!!!

  2. Beautiful dress, Stella looks so cute!
    Love Ventura, out of the city and perfect for the kidos, good luck in your searching!

  3. Gorgeous dress on a gorgeous girly!

    I can't wait to hear all about house-hunting! Thinking about you all!

  4. Good luck with the move and I adore her dress :)

  5. House hunting can be so fun! but frustrating, too so make sure to keep the fun of it! Tiff I will be starting the link party this coming Tuesday. Would LOVE to have you link up. The button that should go with post will be up on my blog on Monday. Remember it's all about cherishing our memories and the past for they made us who we are today! Have a great weekend :)



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