Heritage, A Trip & A Fever

From September 15th and continuing until October 15th the U.S. celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month. September 16th is Mexico's Independence Day. On October 15th Hispanic Heritage month concludes with Dia De La Raza. The Anniversary of Columbus' landing in the Bahamas.
We, the U.S. are after all a copulation of many cultures and Hispanic culture is an especially prominent one at least in our neck of the woods. California's past, present and future is inseparable from the Spanish and Mexican cultures specifically. The California Missions are a tangible representation of that cultural history. This week while in the area the kiddos and I visited the Santa Clara De Asis Mission on the campus of Santa Clara University. Truly a beautiful piece of history as are all the California Missions I have visited. I am at least fourth generation Californian and it has clearly taken place as my cultural identity. An identity rich in Hispanic influence among other things. I am not Latina. Although someone once said I was at least in part Latina while pregnant with my babies. Bad joke? Eh.
My children are a bit too small still to understand what is Hispanic Heritage, Independence, Spanish Missionaries and all that. To them it is normal to hear Spanish being spoken, to eat tacos from a truck or chilaquiles for breakfast. To see pigs feet,whole fish and tripe at the market as well as pinatas hung from the ceiling. To hear Ranchero music on the stereo at home and to see Mommy dancing and Daddy singing along. They are part of this Hispanic rich Californian Heritage.
The week was full, as they have been lately. The kiddos were in childcare for the very first time! I fussed about in the garden and baked cookies. The little ones played with their cousins, whom they adore. We had breakfast out with my sisters, Mom and Grandmother and brought some firewood in, just because. Joaquin ended the week feeling pretty under the weather. Running a fever and just wanting to cuddle. So. That is what we have been doing.
What did you all do this week? How will you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? Do you notice a Hispanic influence in your daily life?
Some resources and reading suggestions on National Hispanic Heritage Month.
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  1. What a lovely blog! We should all be proud of our heritage, sounds like your month will be busy!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and showing some love! Have a wonderful Sunday. Hope Joaquin gets to feeling better soon!

  2. Coming in from Comment Love Day.

    I think it's wonderful you immerse your children in your culture. I wish my parents did that too. Being Bilingual is an important trait in life, along with not being ignorant and appreciative of other cultures. And who doesn't love tacos from a truck!?

  3. Thanks for posting about your family heritage!! I think our children are blessed when they learn of those that traveled before them!!!

    have a great week!!!

  4. It's great to be Hispanic!! I'm Mexican-American, I miss living in Texas where it's highly celebrated and regarded. (I live in Ohio now, because my husband is Air force).

    Great blog. I was stopping by from FTLOB and decided to follow ;-)


  5. Your photographs are stunning.

    Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month!

  6. P.S. I wonder if the month is getting to me because I ate chicharones today and I never eat them. I actually went to the store for them.



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