Kids On Cannery

Monterey is a quick drive from Santa Cruz. So to break up our beach time a bit we dusted the sand off the kiddos and headed out with the intent of spending the day at The Aquarium Of The Pacific. It was a nice drive most of which is agricultural land. Artichokes especially, yum! My Mr. says artichoke hearts remind him of chayote, pero yo no estoy tan seguro.

Upon arriving to Cannery Row we discovered that most of Northern California had also decided to visit the aquarium that day. UGH! A bit disappointing but we decided to walk around a bit, get some lunch and just enjoy being somewhere different for the day. It didn't take long before Joaquin found a train. This boys love for trains has no end! He actually spotted the train(an old caboose) as we were parking the car. We ended up having a nice first part of the day. Stella enjoyed clam chowder with her dad. I love that he tucked the napkin in her blouse.

I am so in love with this man! Joaquin got to climb around on the train a bit and by the time they both woke from there afternoon nap we were back at the beach in Santa Cruz.

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 Last night I wrote this post while lying in bed. My babes asleep snuggled under each arm.
Tired but so very happy.
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  1. so I wouldn't mind living in Monterrey...without a doubt one of my favorite places on the west coast. I remember too that pier with the rides in Santa Cruz (name?) anyhow been there and sure wish I could be there now when I read your post. Chayote? I think I can see where he is coming from...

  2. Oh! you live by Santa Cruz? that's such a cute little town! i went once but wish i could have seen more. its lovely!!

    and your post is so sweet! i love family time!!


  3. I adore pictures of tender dads and their baby girls. Serious.
    Too bad that the outing was a bit of a bust, but sounds like you made the most of it.
    The kids look cute, as always!

  4. Vivian-the Santa Cruz boardwalk and Pier. Lots of fun! I like chayote but it reminds me more of squash!
    Lizzie-we actually like @4 hours away from SC but spent a bit of time there with my brother in law.
    Erica- thank you. It ended up being a nice day! The line into the Aquarium was around the block! Craziness.....



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