'BaahBee" Baby

She can climb up on her own.
Positioning herself amongst the baby dolls she opened the book.
Reading and pointing out the pictures.
 She started saying "baaahbee" this week in her tiny little voice. I could sit and watch her for hours I think. So sweet. My Mom has been taking JQ on Wednesdays and it has been so nice to have the time alone with Miss Stella.
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  1. My "baby" has been doing this, too. All of the sudden she disappears for me to find her in her room reading all sorts of her little books. She does the mimics and the gestures and songs that pertain to that specific book, too. SO CUTE TO WATCH! Y si le oyeras el spanglish...pa morirse de la risa!! ;)

  2. Oh preciosa! My little one is starting to say a few words lately too! Such a special time! Enjoy it mama! It goes by so quickly, no? Im so glad I found your blog! Newest follower! Visiting from FTLOB!!!



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