Popcorn & Acrobats

We were given tickets to see the Circus. I must have been a child the last time I went because I have no real memory of it. I had visions though of a brightly colored tent and ropes, popcorn and canons. Acrobats and top hats, a clown and motorcycles? Well no, but this was not the Circus I had imagined. Still the kiddos had a great time!
They ate popcorn and blue slushies, danced and clapped more than ever before. And looked pretty darn cute doing so!
The Circus we attended had no wild animals in the act which made us happy! While this was fun, next time we will definently go the Cirque Du Soleil route!!
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Shoes- Little Soles

Top-Old Navy
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  1. So fun!

    My inlaws took the boys a few years ago to that circus, but I haven't been in years and years and years. They also recently took them to Cirque Du Soliel and, from what I heard, it was amazing!

  2. I haven't been to the circus for years.
    I love Stella's bloomers. Ruffles are perfect for a day at the circus.

  3. Gha! I'm so late to my small styling comments. HOWEVER, I can not let a small style go by without checking in on your two beauties. The circus sounds fun - even if there were no brightly coloured big tops. Anyway, I'm sure JQ loved the motorcycles!
    Cute (as always!)

  4. they are so cute, I'm glad I could be part of the fun day via the bottoms haha



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