Take A Peek

A peek at our week from my iPhone pictures because it is InstaFriday!
This week included a whole jumble of things as is typical for us.
We always hit up the farmers market and right now the pickings are sweet! Locally grown, organic fruits and veggies, meats, cheeses, flowers, honey, eggs, you name it we've got it!
We usually get a fresh hot tamale as well before leaving. YUM
There was cooking and playing in the garden like always.
Stella gave her little cousin some love before we hit the road mid-week.
Then it was the Zoo and other fun stuff in the city.
It has been a busy one y'all! Having two very mobile toddlers is exhausting and crazy good fun!
Happy Friday. We may be hitting the road again today... yippee!!
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  1. The colors in the fruit pic are amazing!

  2. lovely pics! your farmers market goodles look amazing!



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