Coffee, Sleep & Babes

In the past few days I have read two blog posts (1,2) about lack of sleep and babes not sleeping through the night. Well, I am right there with you mommas!
By far the hardest thing about being a mom, so far has been the lack of sleep.
When you are tired it just seems to make everything a bit more difficult. We are cosleeping parents and only out of desperation tried CIO for about 20 minutes with my son. It's just not for us. this morning I woke with Stella's feet on my forehead and Joaquin cuddled at my side. I love being close to my babies and yet I sleep the best, the hardest when they are asleep in the nursery. What I do know is that the sleep deprivation won't last forever. With walking and running and harder, longer play little ones tend to sleep longer. With fuller bellies from solid foods they tend to wake less for night time feedings. I only say this from experience with my own little ones. Joaquin did not sleep through the night until well after his first birthday.
While Joaquin now sleeps in his own room he only seldom sleeps there all night even if he comes into our bed early morning to cuddle. He is 2 1/2. Stella still wakes to eat twice and is a very restless sleeper. Throwing her body around and fussy although she does not want to be held, or fed most often. Just restless. She never spent a single night in the crib and so about a month ago we took it to storage.
How do I manage?
Coffee and the occasional nap. I go to bed when Stella does and my Mr. puts JQ to bed a bit later.
It works for us, for now.
I know that all too soon Joaquin may stop coming in to cuddle and I will probably go in to cuddle him. Stella will start sleeping through the night and in her own bed. It seems that we are always eager for our little ones to start doing something. To start eating table food, to start walking, to start sleeping through the night. But then they are not babies anymore, no longer want to hold our hands or cuddle in bed. And that is something I am not hoping for, any time soon.
So for now I have found a fantastic under eye concealer and always have coffee and cream in the house. What keeps you going after the sleepless nights and early mornings?
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