Part of Who I Am

Friday morning we leave for the ocean y estoy totalmente emocionada! It has been awhile since our last vacation so naturally I am itching to get out of town! Because of my Mr.'s health we had to keep things low key and local for a while but now that he is feeling better I am all about making some getaway plans. The first is this weekend and our annual trip to California's North Coast.
Traveling is part of who I am.
Es parte de lo que soy.
 It has been since my first trip abroad as a student at 16 years old.  Yo estudiĆ© en Salamanca, EspaƱa para un verano. I like seeing and experiencing new things regularly. I am a lifetime student of culture, history and cuisine. Love, love and LOVE. I hope that my children learn to embrace the opportunity to travel and explore as well.
Although this weekends travel is a car trip away, about 4 hours, the air will be cooler and the pace a bit slower. Definitely a change from the heat and everyday grind. The babes will have much family to entertain and Stella will have miles upon miles of open beach to practice walking.
Oh yes!
 In the last two days she has gone from taking a few steps here and there to walking across the room or play area outside. Como un boracho pero todavia hermosa. Although she is still selective as to when and where, she is a walking!
On Stellita:
Tunic & Headband- Maggie & Zoe
Bloomers- Just One Year
Shoes- Bobux

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  1. i love traveling too. have an amazing time!

  2. Yes to travel with kids! You know that I'm a fan. (Though I'm happy to be staying put for about the next 8 weeks). I hope you guys have a great and relaxing time with lots of soft, walkable sand!
    Have fun!

  3. Have a wonderful time on the coast! Family getaways are the best. Can't wait to see pictures!

  4. She is beautiful! Enjoy your travels.

  5. I love her little top! So glad to visit via Small Style <3




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