The Peanut & The Barn

It is nap time for both mis bebes so I am getting my  very coveted alone/quiet/me time. I will be honest and say/type that I try very hard not to spend it all on the computer. I try and spend as much of my day as possible outside and in the garden these days. Thankfully JQ and Stellita love to be in the garden as well. In fact after Stellita's 12 month appointment this morning we took a drive out to The Plant Barn to find new flowers to enjoy.
We came home with a few treasures but haven't had the opportunity to plant them yet. Stellita is a little tired after her appointment this morning and wasn't feeling up to planting flowers. On the bright side though the Dr. says she is a healthy 12 month old baby girl even if she is just a peanut! Little miss weights 18 lbs, 8 ounces and is just 28 1/4 inches long. A whole six pounds smaller than her Big Bro at this age. Hopefully I will get another picture of them together for my Growing Garcia's project later this week.
Until then...
I am off to have a slice of Chocolate Chip Banana Bread ...YUM!!

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  1. Happy Summer! These pictures are just beautiful!



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