Joaquin's 1st Birthday

Can you believe it, baby is a year old!! He continues to amaze me everyday. Just a day or so ago he started saying "oh wow!!" It is the cutest thing ever. He is busy all the time with his toys, people watching and nonstop eating!! The boy has an appetite. We were lucky enough to celebrate his birthday with family in California before leaving to MD. He had a blast playing with his cousins and running after balloons we had blown up. We of course had to take him straight to the bath after he demolished his very first cupcake!! Now that we are in Baltimore for his actual birthday, the 29th we celebrated with friends at a restaurant with dinner and cake. He is always a sweetheart and enjoyed all the attention from not only our friends but from the entire restaurant waitstaff!They loved him. Joaquin was born one year ago,..he was so tiny and now he is 30 inches tall, walking, feeding himself, (baby) talking and weighs 24 pounds!! It snowed for the first time the very next morning, the 30th. Brrr!!
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