The Comfy Casual Stuff

It is all sunshine, flowers, playtime and comfy casual kiddos around here this week. With so much to explore outside the little ones needed a bath before lunch yesterday. Water soaked clothes, sandy hands, faces and still half the day ahead of us. Could summer be approaching?
Dirty little ones and yet I am so incredibly thankful that we have a yard and garden with room enough for little adventures. Heck I would LOVE to raise my children in the country with nothing but nature for miles. Seriously! My childhood was filled with such things and I have only fond memories. The outdoors can be the perfect place to feed a healthy imagination and a taste for discovery. Joaquin is climbing trees and inspecting bugs. I see him in corners of the yard talking and waving his arms or in his fort just being a kid and I love it.
Outdoor play means t-shirts and stretchy stuff to wear and share on Small Style this week.
On Stella:(yes I realize I photographed my finger too,geeeez!)
B is For Bear T-shirt from Homer, AK- gift from her GiGi & PopBee
Polka Dot stretchy's- Carter's
Felt Bow- Adorn Me Girl
Shoes- Robeez
On Joaquin: ( yup he is in there too...)
Collared shirt- Gap
Shorts & tee- gifted
Shoes- Salt Water Sandals
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  1. Darling, as always. We've been doing a lot of outside things as well - many trips to the park to play in the sand box. However, I have just discovered (via a diaper change) that my Stella has been eating way more sand than I thought. Oh dear.

    Oh, P.S. I found a source for that bike helmet you asked about:



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