Small Style: Progression

 My sweet Stella will turn one next week. While in complete disbelief I have been motoring around party planning and preparing for a large chunk of the Garcia clan to decent upon our humble home for the holiday weekend. Party planning and entertaining are two things I really do enjoy Even with a fussy birthday girl, crazed toddler and a healthy serving of sleep deprivation. It is what it is these days and seeing all the kiddos laughing, swimming and playing over the next few days makes it so worth it.
Which brings me to this weeks Small Style, sort of.
Stella is REALLY working on walking and has been getting rather frustrated with all the little dresses I put her in. They just seem to be getting in her way.
On this day she started out like this...
About five minutes later I had to take the dress off because she kept stepping on it AND was working on eating a fist full of dirt so she looked like this...
And about five minutes later she was completely naked and playing in the hose. This is a typical day in our little world and I usually have both babies in the bath before lunch for a good rinse off.
We are linking with Mama Loves Papa today for Small Style!
On Stella:
Dress: Gymboree ( on sale!)
Bloomers: Second Hand
Shoes: Bobux
Dirt face: C/O our backyard
By the way, this is Joaquin's repsonse to my request to take his picture. We are still potty training so around the house he is in chonies and a shirt.
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  1. I usually have to give Sailor a bath after lunch and dinner and change her clothes a few times a day. She also just figured out how to take her diaper off. They are funny aren't they! Cute Dress and shoes!

  2. super cute! when not out and about, Lily spends her days in a diaper

  3. i LOVE stella's bloomers! and it looks like she's eating sidewalk chalk...but that can't be it, can it? my son would eat sidewalk chalk, so you can never be too sure!

  4. Oh, SO cute! I love those little striped bloomers! While Finley was crawling/learning to walk I was so sad not to be able to dress her in dresses. Now that she's still climbing down steps and stuff I've noticed that she gets tangled in longer dresses, so she mostly wears shorter ones with bloomers.

  5. Oh my WORD! I adore that dirt face! A dirty baby is a happy baby, that's what I think. Dirt = evidence that kids are having fun. And also an immunity booster!



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