Potty Training Continues

It is pouring rain out. The slip n' slide, water table and other summer toys are all getting wet. The babies and I are looking out the large living room windows, playing with forgotten indoor toys and watching Peter Pan. Joaquin calls swimming, flying (sounds like "frying"). Maybe it has something to do with Never Never Land, Peter, Wendy and the Lost Boys? I think it is a pretty awesome analogy for a 2 1/2 year old actually.
It is supposed to be triple digits again by Sunday. A good thing because we have familia coming and a birthday/swim/ice cream party planned for Little Miss. I can't believe she is turning 1. I can't believe we are done breast feeding. I can't believe I won't have anymore babies...
I am a bit worried about keeping consistency with Joaquin's potty training with all the company coming. He really is doing very well and I am trying to keep up with all the "added" laundry. We haven't "gone out" with just undies on yet but around the house he is still all undies all the time. Undies are called "Kapowies" in this house, for your information. I showed him how to pee outside this week. He thought it was hilarious! ...And I should add that I showed him how in the confines of our backyard for those of you totally horrified right now. He is a little boy and we live in an area that most would consider to be the sticks.
I don't mind a little summer rain as long as it makes way for the slip n' slides, water tables, glow sticks and fire crackers to come.
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