A Subdued InstaFriday

It is Friday people, of a four a four day weekend no less! Whaaawhooo!
Here is a glimpse into our week via cell phone photos and Instagram.
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Stella is loving the sandbox and Will.Not.Stop.Eating.Sand! They little thing acts like it is candy or something. Any suggestions on how to get her to stop?
JQ got to spend some much needed time with his cousin, whom he adores! This picture is extra special because you may notice that they are not moving. Yeah. Craziness.
Where I try to spend any free "moments" these days...in the hammock.
Some cherry tomatoes from our garden. The babies love them so I had to snap a quick pic before they were devoured!
I love this dressing. My Mr. loves this dressing. Thank you Mom :)
Someone is working on walking just in time for the big O.N.E. next week!
And lastly a self portrait of yours truly. For documentation purposes really. I do exist, I am just behind the camera 99% of the time. Also I am quite fond of my hair cut at the moment so...
Happy weekend and Happy Fourth of July!
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1 comment:

  1. Came over from insta friday! That dressing looks Delish! Think I'll try it this weekend! Your hair is darlingly the way:) have a great weekend!



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