Potty Talk

Potty training is in full effect this week and we have had some great success! Needless to say it has been extra tough to try and sit down and blog a bit about it and our week/weekend!
 The first day of Potty Training was tough and I sort of feel like I need to disinfect the house again because well, there were a few "accidents." Which is totally to be expected. But still this "peepee in the potty" stuff is tiring for Mommy and JQ. I had planned to start potty training with Joaquin this summer for a few reasons. 

1. We would be outside most of the time ( minimal clean up if accidents occur!) 
2. JQ could run around in his chonies and not much else. (Again, minimal clean up, SWEET!)
3. Lastly, JQ seemed ready.

 I did a little reading on the subject to make sure I wasnt going to totally confuse the little guy and to hopefully make the whole thing easier on both of use.The information I found most useful (so far) is this. There are three indicators that your child is ready (or not) to tackle the potty and kick the "Pampers." They should be verbally, physically and social ready. Yup, that is what I am going on so far and advice from some other Mommies, Grandmommies I trust.
So while around the house JQ is sporting super cool Car chonies. He loves the movie Cars so he is totally into his new look. Every little bit helps! There have been a lot of high fives and a lot of laundry as well but we are committed!! When we finally get it, we will all be doing the happy dance for sure!
(Joaquin dancing across the Sundial Bridge, Redding, Ca.) 
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