11 & (almost) 2 1/2

Trying to get a (good) photo of these two little creatures together is more difficult than I can describe. But, I try, once a month. And so here it is, this months bounty.
Stella is one month shy of her first birthday and I am flipping out! A whole year old already!! She is crawling and climbing and eating all sorts of food, hardly any "baby food". She got another tooth, three total now. She has started signing and even saying a few things like "oh wow." She is amazing and a bit feisty too, like her hermano!
Joaquin is talking a ton as well. It is a regular "chat-athon" over here people!! He is repeating words and phrases and attempting to say things and communicate more and more. He is a very playful, physical and loving little boy. He seems a bit emotional too which is something I hadn't caught on to before. I think because he is such a lover he is naturally emotional.
Guess he takes after is Mommy.

We are trying something new today. Insta-Friday's with Life Rearranged. It is a great blog and another great way for me to share photos of my little familia!
life rearranged
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