Simple Things & Big Developments

Lately we have slowed down and simplified the day to day. No pressure or rushing, taking things as they come and being spontaneous. It suits us and our little family at the moment. Suddenly the days are warm and loooong. We have been enjoying picnic style meals outside and leisurely evening walks. JQ loves to walk the pugs, although they typically end up walking him. And Stella starts smiling and cooing as soon as i get the baby pack out. We are happy, the babes, Mr. And I.
At two years and four months Joaquin is talking lots and eating little. He blurts out a new word or phase daily and is really trying to communicate which I do my best to encourage in both English and Spanish (esto viene de una gringa). He is a very playful, affectionate, charismatic and imaginative little guy. He fell asleep in my arms this afternoon, my 30+ pound baby boy. I sat soaking it up until my legs started to fall asleep!... Then moved him to his bed.
Miss Stella is crawling and standing on her own. She pulls her self up to standing, smiles and sings and waves her arms about then slowly squats down an plops on the ground. Again and again. She has started to walk with help (while holding my hands). She sings and talks the entire time, mi chica habladora! At almost eleven months she is still breastfeeding and co-sleeping. She will probably sleep with us for a while longer although I am ready to stop nursing when she turns one. I am in no hurry for either JQ or Stella to grow up.
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  1. That sounds lovely...I'm all for spontaneity and relaxed days. Schedules do my head in.

    So great to hear that JQ is speaking in Spanish / English. We're raising Stella to be English / German bilingual as well (well, really trilingual I guess, we live in Japan.) Did you find it took a bit longer for him to start talking / verbalizing?



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