YeeHaw Goes For A Dip

S & J  have been playing together more. It makes my heart melt. As I sat down to write this post I could hear giggling coming from the other room. So, naturally, I peeked in on them.  They were sitting on the floor hugging and laughing at one another. They bathe together in the evenings now.There is giggling then too. Typically when Joaquin sprays water at Stella and they both crack up. Ahh. I wonder if Mr. would laugh if I did the same to him? Must try.
I took these photos in between rain showers this week. Hence the fire pit full of rain water that Stella is happily splashing in. Woody or "YeeHaw" as Joaquin calls him also took a bit of a dip and apparently had stories to tell about it.
Here are the details for our link up with Small Style!
Stella wore
onesie from old navy
apron dress from Mexico street vendor and a present from her GiGi
soft soled shoes are from target
Joaquin wore
shirt thrifted at Sweet Repeats
denim shorts old navy

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  1. The little bits of sunshine are SO nice. I heard it's supposed to rain again tomorrow. ??

    They both look adorable! I definitely think you should trying spraying your husband. hahah

  2. That dress is georg. Love it!
    And I just got a little misty imagining your kids playing and laughing together.
    Oh, hellz I am a mess!!!

  3. So sweet!
    Isn't it lovely when siblings develop loving relationships. I love nothing better than hearing my kids giggle and play together.



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