Playing House

Growing up I didn't play house. I played cars. Barbie didn't make dinner and tuck the little ones in or rush them off to school. She was on a deserted island making friends with the animals  and living in a tree. When my sister and cousin and I would dress up. They each like a princess and me as a knight, galloping around on my jet black stallion. My banana seat bike was actually a horse, okay!  The trees were space ships and all the blades of grass, people.  I never dreamed about my wedding day. I dreamt about traveling the world and the adventures I would have. 
Then again I could have never dreamt up a husband like the one I actually have. Or a wedding day like we shared five years ago tomorrow. Beyond my imagination was never a more fitting phrase. 
I am playing house now I guess you could say. Except's the real deal. A husband, two kids, two dogs, two car garage and a little white fence out front. I cook, I clean and I still have adventures. This time with my three favorite people. 

We are linking up with Mama Loves Papa for Small Style today.
On Stella
Tunic, gift from her Abuelita
On Joaquin:
Shirt & Shorts, Target
 Salt Water Sandals
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  1. Cute!!! I saw your comment about saltwaters on the Small Style post and just wanted to reassure you - they wear like IRON!!! Seriously, best shoes ever. You won't be disappointed. :)

  2. So cute!!
    I miss the taco truck! We don't have them in my neck of the woods!



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