Why Do I Worry?

JQ is out with Mr. and "the guys" this evening. Yes, he is all of two years old (and two months) and he is already staying up late and going out on weeknights (and by late I mean 8:30pm). Is that terrible parenting?
Actually he completely adores his Daddy. He follows him around as soon as Mr. gets home from work, wants to eat what and when his Daddy eats and has started asking me a few times a day "where's the Daddy?" it is so sweet. I of course tell him that Daddy went bye bye to work and that seems to satisfy his curiosity. So..why do I worry about my little guy when he is out on the town with the (bigger) guys? I'm not sure...I have to keep myself from calling or texting Mr. to check in on things even now as I type! One things for sure. Now that JQ has started talking and repeating words I am SURE he will have stories for me in the morning.
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