Live Your Life

It is a beautiful Friday afternoon where we live. We enjoyed a spirited playgroup this morning with lots of little friends and now the babes are having a bit of a lazy afternoon. It seems the sunny weather has enlivened my spirit. My brain is buzzing with optimism, creativity and an eagerness to move closer to my goals. Does the weather have the same profound effect on you?
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined.
Henry David Thoreau
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  1. Beautiful quote and beautiful picture! And yes, the weather makes a huge difference for me. It was warm and sunny here today and I felt pretty unstoppable!

  2. Live your life. I can dig that. Thank you for the reminder that despite all of craziness that it comes with, it's important to take a break, catch your breath, and take it all in. I'm ready for all the sunshine now.

  3. Definitely! I am so much happier when it is sunny and pretty out =)



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