When Stella was born my Gram told me she would curl her toes when I tried putting shoes on her. And Gram,...she does...everytime!
 This week has gotten away from me with the sunny weather and all. (I am SO not complaining!!!) I did manage to take a few photos of Stellita napping yesterday. I also got a few of JQ in his new favorite spot. The trampoline!! Today is Cesar Chavez Day, did you'll know that? Although it is not a federal holiday (yet!) it is a state holiday here in California. Which reminds me that our local Farmers Market will start on Thursdays next week! We love the market and although it is year round on Saturdays it is so nice to have it during the week as well.
We are linking with MamaLovesPapa for some Small Style fun again!
I don't have much to report on the little ones clothes this week.
Stellitas outfit reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake and a bedspread I had as a little girl. The outfit was gifted and has a Disney tag!
JQ has a collared shirt on from Old Navy and shorts that were gifted as well.
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  1. Those sleeping pictures are so precious. They are some of my favorites. Don't they look like little angels when they're sleeping?

    And, a trampoline? I think that would be one of my favorites places, too. So fun! Can't wait to visit the Thursday markets!

  2. they are so sweet! and love the strawberry shortcake outfit!



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