Working The Camera

I am going to try and photograph the little ones at least once a month in the same chair together for, well, as long as we have the chair or for as long as they let me. There are a few blogs that have inspired me to do this. Have you seen them? It really is a fantastic way to document the little ones growth and just an all around great idea! I wish I had caught on sooner and started when JQ was itty bitty but,..better late than never! My first attempt to capture both kiddos together did not go so smoothly as you can see from the photos. JQ is giving a sneakish little smile because he was trying to slip away... But look who was working the camera! HEY, HEY Is she a natural or what!?
We are once again linking up with MamaLovesPapa for Small Style, Isn't this fun!
On Stella:
Onesie Dress: Etsy
Headband: Target

On Joaquin:
Rocky Balboa T-shirt: Philadelphia Gift Shop
Blue collar button up: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Converse All Stars (c/o Target)
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  1. Stella is definitely a natural! How adorable is she? Love the outfit!

    I love Joaquin's little smile is that first picture. So sweet!

    Thank you so much for linking up, Tiffany!

  2. I love Stella's entire outfit, especially those bright green shoes! She is so cute!
    I agree, it's super hard to get pics of kids together, I think my kids are pretty similar in age difference, and it is almost impossible!
    Adorable pictures!

  3. She is adorable (they both are) cute clothes.

  4. Oooh my goodness! Everything Stella is wearing is so precious! What a great idea to take their picture in the same place. Wish I had thought of that!
    Oh and how cute is Joaquin's little smile? He looks like he's up to something!



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