Growing Babies

Becoming a mother has been the most amazing, life changing event in my life. Both pregnancy and child birth were positive experiences for me. Yup! The good far outweighed the bad in BOTH instances.
I enjoyed being pregnant. You might be thinking " oh she so got lucky",  no morning sickness, no absurd weight gain, no heartburn. Nope, I had them all! Yes I was lucky in the sense that I remained healthy throughout both pregnancies and I am extremely thankful for that. In both pregnancies I gained more (much more) than our US standardized 25-30 pounds. Yes, I had heartburn and swelling, morning sickness and cravings. But I also got to feel a baby move inside me, feel the baby get the hiccups and hear it's heartbeat. I grew a baby.
Giving birth was, yeah painful, but absolutely amazing too. Again you might be thinking, "oh this chick has no idea!" And in many ways I don't. My son was over 9 pounds and 22 inches long when he was born. He was turned to the side for most of my 14 hour labor and his shoulders were harder to deliver than his head. For a moment, just a moment, I thought I couldn't do it. I am thankful to have had my brave husband and knowledgeable midwife at my side. Again, ...perhaps I got lucky.
My sweet baby girl came fast, 4 hours beginning to end sort of fast.  Now there I know I did get lucky! No time for pain medication, barely enough time to make the 30 minute drive to the hospital. And still... an amazing and beautiful experience. Yes, beautiful, ...just like my sweet Stellita.
So where am I going with this?
Well. With two pregnancies, two deliveries, two glorious children to love and care for and a handsome husband to boot,... I am done growing & having babies of my own.  With friends and family members trying to get pregnant, fussing over newborns or planning for kiddo number 2 or 3 it seems an odd realization but one I feel confident in.
  What there will be more of?
More firsts, more memories, more mistakes. More time together as a family of four, more kisses & hugs. More band aides and time outs. More birthdays, holidays & just,,, every days. There will be so, so, so much more and I am going to do my best to cherish every bit of it.
@6 months pregnant with Stella, (Baltimore, MD)
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