Mid-March & A Baby!

So it is raining again... nothing new there. Aside from the weather though things have been a bit brighter around here.
Most exciting, I became an Aunt for the seventh time!! Enter baby "C". Isn't he beautiful! He has a full head of red hair! Mom & baby are home and well. Members of our family take turns making and delivering dinner for my sister and her husband for a week or so. It has become a tradition of sorts when new babies arrive. Our turn is tomorrow!
My cousin became a commissioned officer in the Navy! Congratulations and Thank You for all that you do!
I planted seeds for our summer garden. I love gardening and being outside in the yard. Although I planted mostly flowers for the kiddos to enjoy I have BIG plans for tomatoes and herbs.
My Brother-In-Law was recognized in the local paper for rescuing someone from the ocean. It is something he does everyday, so brave and strong. We are so proud of you! With the effects of the Tsunami hitting the west coast of California marine rescue swimmers (and many, many others) were working around the clock.
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JQ, Little Miss and I went on a bit of a longer walk near the end of last week. I mistakenly thought that JQ was ready to trek a bit further. Needless to say I ended up packing both babes on the way back. Phew! Who needs a trainer when you have two kiddos! (and yes JQ is splashing in the puddles in this picture. Clothes can be washed people!!!)
The forecast is all rain this week so we are busying indoors. The two little ones are interacting more and more and keeping me on my toes as always. I am learning from them, mostly patience and how to just enjoy the moment, and the happy simplicity that is our daily life. My Mr. and I are planning another wine tasting trip this spring but may keep it local. Also it looks like between family and friends it will be a summer full of weddings. I can not wait to sink my toes in the sand and dance!!

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  1. Congratulations on a new baby in your family! I'm about to become an aunt for the 7th time too in a couple of months!

    Looks like lots of great things are going on for you guys!



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