Primeros & Una Segunda Opinion

This past weekend Stella started clapping her hands. Personally I think it is the cutest thing ever(and it seems applause is in order as the warmer weather has finally arrived!). When she does it I stop whatever it is that I am doing and clap with her, signing "Yeah Stellita." She smiles really big for a moment, ...then stops. I think it is much more fun for her when JQ or other little ones join in. She is so attentive to other little kiddos already and seems a bit bored with her Momma sometimes. Being with my babies for these "firsts" is, in part, why I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom. For my mister and I it was a must until they started school.
Which brings me to my second bit of news. Mr. finally got the second opinion we were looking for on his Crohn's diagnosis. And Thank Goodness!! What we felt in our hearts seems to be correct...maybe this isn't Crohn's at all!! What I CAN say for sure (in this instance) is that our modern western medical industry has got nothin' on a good old fashioned healthy lifestyle, food and remedios.
Lastly and on a much lighter note JQ seems to be fascinated with "peepee!" Ehhm, yes. This is totally my doing and  I am going to do my best to use this current obsession to my advantage (with potty training round #2!!). Everything is fun and games with this little guy,...yes, even "peepee" is fun(ny).
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  1. I so love when babies clap! It is the funnest!



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