Green Felt Shoes & Some Other Stuff Too

 This week is all a jumble in weather and with just life in general it seems. Sometimes I crave change and inspiration. Do you ever get like that?  What it comes down to for me though is that I am extremely lucky to spend this time with my babies. I will, and do, try and embrace every day and every opportunity with them. Not every day will be a proud one or a monumental one but they all matter. Babies are, after all, only small for such a short time.

 Stella is already working on a second tooth and maybe even scooting across the floor! I think she is going to be a "bum scooter," backward, which is totally cute. I'll try and get her on video!! These green felt shoes are from Stella's "GiGi" (aka my Mom). They have a Velcro strap and a flower on the side and...are hand made! I am so glad that they are a bit big so that she can wear them for a while longer. Oh and I have been putting her in these sparkle jeans a lot lately. Doesn't every little girl need a pair of sparkle jeans!
Joaquin has been a mad man at breakfast this week. He wakes up super hungry and insists on breakfast before I can make my coffee!! Um, Yeah! This morning he ate a half of a banana, five strawberries and a fourth of a bagel. About an hour later he was hungry again. He must be growing again! Also, and sort of a random note. What does it mean when your husband hangs the ladder near the garage ceiling, out of reach? Does he not want me using it cause their is absolutely NO WAY I can reach it and well, I need a ladder to get it!!!!

We are linking up with Mama Loves Papa for some Small Style!
Cardigan: hand-me-down
Sparkle Jeans: Target
Blue and Purple Dress: Carters (c/o Costco)
Green Felt Shoes: International Gift Fair SF
Headband: Target

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  1. I agree completely, every day with our babies is precious, even if some huge or memorable happens. I feel incredibly blessed to be home with my kids.

    Miss Stella looks adorable. I love the outfit and those shoes are just TOO cute. I love them!

    Thank you so much for linking up!! :)

  2. I'm linking up with Small Style too, and I would just like to say that 1. my little one is Stella too; 2. She's also a bum-scooter; 3. Your Stella is precious and 4. those booties are fab.



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