Rain + Kids = ?

 With so much rain for such a long time (it seems) I am open to pretty much any indoor activity that keeps the little ones busy and happy these days. Playing on my bed. Bouncing a (almost completely flat) ball back and forth in the hallway, pillow forts, singing, dancing and a lot of cuddling. In all honesty...kids need to be outside! To run, jump, kick, climb, explore and learn. JQ is just getting to the age where drawing and play dough is fun, thank goodness! But those activities don't fill a day for him. He has SOOO much more energy than that. Is that a boy thing?
Thankfully Stellita has become much more active and engaged and curious. The two have started to play together, sharing toys, giggles but not yet nap times, dang! JQ has tried to wrestle (playfully of course) his baby sister too..Although she thinks it is hilarious and gets a case of the giggles, Mommy just isn't sure yet!
 Stella is getting more mobile too. She gets on her hands an knees and rocks back and forth. (Precursor to crawling, no?) Today she pulled her self over to the crib rail and was peeking over at JQ and I. My Mr. says she will be crawling in less than two weeks. I think he is right!

We are linking with MamaLovesPapa again for Small Style which has been a lot of fun. Although "dressing" our children is such a small part of what we Moms do, why not make it fun and share, network and communicate with other Moms at the same time. Thank you Morgan for this opportunity.
On Miss Stella
Dress: Hand made by her GiGi (aka my Mom)
Onesie & Sweater Tights: Old Navy
Shoes: Gift (Robeez) 
Overalls: Hand me downs (OshKosh)
Collared Shirt: Old Navy

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  1. Stella's dress is beautiful! And overall's are my favorite for little guys!

    You know it's funny because I always thought the abundance of energy was a boy thing and that little girls were supposed to play sweetly with dolls and stuff like that. But when Aria was a toddler she earned the name Aria-zilla from other family members. She was never quiet and she was always moving. She climbed everything and I swear she could break a toy just by looking at it! I can't say that at age 8 she's changed too much haha!

  2. Oh Tiffany, thank YOU so much for participating! I think it is so important to connect with other moms. And, so much fun!

    It's hard for me to tell too much with girls, but having lots of energy is definitely a boy thing (or, maybe just a kid thing, according to Kate's comment.) My boys definitely need to be outside, digging in the dirt, climbing trees, and do all kinds of "boy" things. Finley is definitely active, but it will be interesting to see what she's like as she gets older.

    Both of their outfits are adorable!

    (Oh, and I just read your tweet. Mocha chip is delicious! I also love Chico Mint. I haven't been to Shuberts in forever, but I might just have to make a trip over there when it warms up.)

  3. that dress is beautiful, she is so talented! also, overalls are such a classic, staple item for boys! love it!



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