Mixed Forecast

It is a beautiful morning even if it is a Monday. The sun is shining through our windows as we eat our breakfast (strawberries & cereal for JQ, Gerber fruits and snack crackers for Miss Stella and coffee & a bagel for yours truly.) Exhausted from the weekend I tend to be oddly optimistic on Mondays.
I am quickly running out of indoor activity ideas so this weather forecast (although a mix of rain and sun) is exciting! Living in a small-ish town has not afforded us a ton of indoor activities for rainy & cold days when we just can't stand to be at home any longer. We have even gone to the mall to simply let Joaquin walk/run in a large expansive area. (we are not big time mall go-ers) Believe it or not Barnes and Nobles (with it's train table in the kiddie area) has been a great go to place when needing to get out on winter days and on occasion I can even sit, relax and do a bit of reading myself while JQ plays. With more days like today however I don't believe we will be making trips to the mall to walk, that is until the temps reach 110 in July!
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