Nearly 8 & 25

At nearly eight months old Stella has gotten her first tooth! This past week it poked through with barely a fuss from her at all. She is eating(baby)crackers and smacks her lips while at the table if we are eating. She has mastered sitting up and loves to socialize and play with her big brother.
At just over two years old Joaquin has really begun talking and trying to communicate through words and word combinations.  He says things like, "it's good" and nods his head or "where did it go?"(hand gestures to the side) " where is the baby?" (after attempting to cover her with a pillow) and "it is a bird" " it is a ball." He sings, mostly in the car or with me. He dances and asks to dance or asks for me to put music on or get the keyboard down. He says "outside" and "dog" and a hole lot of other stuff I just haven't figured out quite what it is yet (ha ha)! At just over two years JQ has officially given up the bottle. Not by choice of course but he has gone seven nights and eight nap times sin su mamila. I am very proud of him as this was something he was EXTREMELY attached too. Here are a few last pictures of JQ know what! More importantly these are pictures of my beautiful family.
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