Chilly (but dry!) Children's Park

 One of our favorite places to play is Children's Park in downtown. So we decided to bundle up earlier this week and head out despite the freezing wind chill! Joaquin is immune to the cold weather it seems (as was I at his age.) This is a typical play outfit, sturdy, nothing fancy. If you have know what I mean! We are linking with Morgan at Mama Loves Papa for some Small Style!

Quilted Vest Jacket: Old Navy
Slip On Shoes: Target
Hat: made by me
Jeans: hand me downs
Red Truck: On loan from his cousin Simon!

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  1. You made his hat! I love that! And how cute is he lookin' so happy with his red truck?!

  2. He is so cute! I love the outfit. And, you're a local person!! I didn't realize that when I looked at your blog before. We love the Children's Park. Maybe we'll see you down there sometime. :)

    Thank you so much for participating in Small Style!



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