Three Wineries

A sunny Calistoga weekend was just what we needed, and mother nature (& our pocket book) delivered! The trip was in part to celebrate my cousins impending marriage & wedding in Alaska this May. With a large group & plenty of family along we decided to take the kiddos. Yes, yes I know...but it all worked out perfectly! After all, the little ones can be better behaved than some grown wine drinkers, right?! We hired a car and visited three wineries including one of my favorites, Tres Sabores. A small, woman owned and operated, organic winery where you taste the wine outside, next to the vines!
Our next trip this summer can not come too soon, although it will be with a much smaller group and no little ones. Salud!

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  1. Beautiful pictures Tiffany. My brother has worked for years for an organic winery and farm in Healdsburg called Preston of Dry Creek. We're really hoping to visit it this summer!

  2. wow gorgeous pictures girl :) seriously its so elegant! great post! love your blog pretty girl! xo

  3. Last month we took our first trip to the Napa/Calistoga area. It's so beautiful! I would have loved to visit Tres Sabores- next time!

    PS I'm so glad you'll be linking up to Small Style. Can't wait to see your pictures! :)



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