Thankful to Run For Food

I can finally fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans again and just in time because it is getting cold! Well this week it is in the low 70's, mid 60's but all that is due to change Friday. It feels so good to be getting back into shape and to celebrate I am going to participate in the Run for Food on Thanksgiving Day. By no means am I a marathon runner, never will be I am sure but a 5k on a foggy, brisk morning for a good cause is absolutely up my alley. My Mom and I did it together before I had Joaquin and it was quite enjoyable especially because it is a "fun run". Kids can participate and those that may normallyshy away from the typical organized, timed run. Stella will come along this time in the jogger, well bundled of course! After the run we will do Thanksgiving here in town and them head up to Ashland, Oregon for the remainder of the weekend. On Friday night in Ashland they have a great little parade and street lighting to kick off the holidays. We love it there. My husband and I were actually married there four and a half years ago.....ahh. What are you all doing for Thanksgiving? Cheers!
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