Una Buena Aventura

My husband has been ill off and on now for more than a month. After multiple tests, scans, labs y mas we still do not know what is wrong but are hopeful to have a resolution soon. We thought he was well enough to take a quick trip to Los Angeles so that his family could meet Miss Stella but after just a day we decided to turn back and head home. It is about an eight hour drive and we knew we had to make regular stops to let Joaquin run and stretch and so that I could nurse the baby. We decided to take "El Camino Real" north (IE HWY 1) along the ocean for a few reasons. I had desperately wanted to visit the ocean at some point during our trip south and seeing as I would be the one driving....

We stopped just outside Ventura, our old stomping ground and somewhere I am still totally in love with. Joaquin ran and played for a bit. Henry got some fresh air and I introduced Stella to the beach!

Because it was already late afternoon when we left L.A. we made it as far as Pismo Beach and ended up staying in a fabulous beach side resort there for the night. So although my husband was/is ill I think he was able to enjoy himself a little or at least be pleased that the babies and I were not totally bummed about cutting our trip short.
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