Sprig: Fabulous GREEN Toy Find

There a couple of really great Children's Boutigues just 'round the corner in Fells Point. The Corduroy Button http://www.cordbutton.com/ for everything baby from clothes to furniture and a fun toy store, aMuse http://www.amusetoys.com/. After our trip to Federal Hill Park earlier this week I was looking for a small dumb truck or toy that Keeners could use in the sandbox area. I found the perfect all in one sand toy truck in aMuse. It is made by a company called Sprig a company out of Emryville, Ca (where else!!). Thier toys are eco-friendly and kid powered. The particular toy I purchased is made from reclaimed sawdust and plastics and is multifunctional. It is not only a truck but also a shovel, bucket and rake, perfect for the sandbox! I am in love with this company and what they stand for and Joaquin really likes the toy. Check them out. http://www.sprigtoys.com/index.html

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