Federal Hill Park

We meet a great couple this past weekend on Easter. When I mentioned Joaquin and I had walked to Patterson Park for the playground they suggested we check out Federal Hill Park on the other side of the harbor which is a bit closer and shaded. So earlier this week in the 88 degree weather JQ and I headed out in late morning for Federal Hill. During my visit in February we had walked to through this neighborhood and despite the snow covered sidewalks and freezing wind, found a great market Cross Street Market, and all around hip little community.
No surprise that the park there is great too. It was clean and shaded with large trees. The actual playground was super clean and seemed to be geared toward smaller children, Joaquins age to 5 or 6. There was a mix of mommies and nannys and lots of busy little ones. Everyone seemed to know each other so I felt comfortable right away. Joaquin went straight for the sandbox area, where most of the other children seemed to be. Then he ventured to the playground area with stairs, a bridge and slides just right for his size. He did not need my help with the slide which was awesome! We ended the hour or so with a nice swing...the breeze felt so nice and I thought JQ might even fall asleep! I am so happy this park was mentioned to us. We will be visiting it often and even bought a sand toy for Joaquin to bring.
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