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For Easter, in our home away from home, Henry and I decided to take Joaquin to the Baltimore Zoo. It would be his first time and I couldn't wait to show him all the animals. I imagined him seeing the Chimpanzees and giraffes, pointing nd smiling and waving hello, which he did, of course. To my delight, within the Zoo they have a small farm like petting zoo for the smaller kids. This was a very pleasant suprise because Joaquin likes to explore and run around and he likes animals.

As soon as we entered the farm area Joaquin saw two cows, so he proceeded right up to the pen and attempted to climb in!! The boy has no fear. He looked at the cows and then back at me with a smile.  I love that he enjoys animals so much and that he is not afraid. It is always strange to me to see a child cry and step or run away from animals. I think often this is something they are taught, conditioned to or perhaps it is just that they have never been allowed to experience animals???!!!

After the chickens, donkeys and a goose we made our way to the goats, which are in an open pen so that you can walk amongst them,...and pet if you like. And yes, JQ pet the goats, talked to the goats, tried to feed the goats hay and even tried to give them hugs (he hugs his dogs at home). It was the cutest thing ever!

After a good long visit with his hairy friends and a good hand washing we made our way over to a play area where they had sit on, diecast tractors. JQ's feet could not reach but he was so happy to just sit atop the tractor with his hands on the wheel. He has a small car that is the sit on,push sort at home and he loves it but has almost outgrown it. This tractor or something like it would be a great replacement I think. The fact that it has real rubber tires and not a stitch of plastic on it is awesome. This was just an hour or so of our day at the zoo but a very memorable one. I will post more photos from the day soon.
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  1. looks like you guys had a great day!! i love reading about all of your adventures!!



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