(Recycled) Plastic Playground of His Own

Joaquin LOVES the playground. The sandbox, the swings, the slide...and the other little ones. The play areas and parks here in Baltimore have been priceless to us while we are living in the harbor with no outside area of our own. While I love living in the city, not having a private, secure outdoor space has been a struggle for me. Joaquin is happiest outside (like his Momma). If I was lucky enough to have a green space in the city it would be an absolute oasis!
My hope is when we return home, to turn an area of our own backyard into a play area for Joaquin with a slide, swing, sandbox,...you name it. We have the perfect area that is for the most part unused. It gets plenty of sun and shade.
What I am not sure of is whether we will purchase a kit like so many of our friends have done or draw up the plans and make one ourselves. I love the idea of a "green" playset and came across Go Earthscapes website. These playsets are made from 99.9% recycled plastic. This may be the way we go...although we don't need or want a huge structure. Just something large enough for Joaquin, cousins, friends and baby sister eventually. Have any of you all seen or heard or great play areas?? I know a metal slide, steps etc are out. It gets way too hot in our area for that.
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