Mi Sciatica

Pregnancy for me has been an adventure, and a relatively pleasant one at that. Why else would I choose to do it again if it weren't, right!!!??? Yes I had morning sickness well into my second trimester, yes I am tired and have heartburn and oh yes have I gained weight. In all honestly though...I really don't mind these pregnancy induced  changes...except for one, Sciatica. Prior to my pregnancy I was familiar with this nerve issue and pain only because my husband had experienced it. I had never had sciatica except for in this pregnancy and it is terribly painful. For me it starts in my back/buttocks on my left side and shots down my leg, then gradually my foot will start to tingle as if to fall asleep. No matter if I sit, stand or lye down the pain doesnt stop. My lifeestyle is an active one especially with a 15 month old to chase after so this is bothersome along with painful. The good news? ...I expect for it to go away after the baby is born. For now I am stretching and taking warm baths after an active day which both seem to help. There are numerous Yoga poaitions that seem to help as well. With this past weekend in New York with much walking and adventure, today was nothing but rest for Joaquin and I (an my sciatic nerve!). Tomorrow we will be back to the usual routine which includes a three mile walk to the park.
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