Baseball Season Has Arrived!

Oh Yes, it is that time again and we are in full Baseball mode. Being on the east coast this time of year has been a blessing for my husband the super baseball fan because there are various stadiums in close proximity. We took Joaquin to an Orioles game opening weekend and this past weekend to the Bronx and Yankee Stadium!!! This coming weekend with my brother flying in we are going to try and catch a Nationals game in D.C. So see a trend here,.....gees!!! I so hope Joaquin loves baseball as much as his Dad. He seems to love the crowd, music and all the cheering so we are off to a good start. Oh and he loves the huge soft pretzels at the stadium too!!!It is just the beginning of Baseball madness in our household and that means summer is fast approaching, For me, I love to see my boys happy, life is good! Happy Earth Day Ya'll!!!

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