Quack, Quack

Baltimore is quite friendly this time around. In truth I really did not care for it last time, however looking back I believe it was the weather talking....not the city. Now with longer days and sunlight left for a few hours in the evening Joaquin, Henry and I can enjoy the outdoors together during the week. This week we have taken walks along the water on our way to dinner. Walking everywhere is something I really enjoy and I think Joaquin likes the fresh air and people watching. We stopped along the harbor last night so that Joaquin and Henry could feed some of the ducks that hang out there. Joaquin of course thinks all animals are like dogs in that you can talk to them and give them hugs. Needless to say the ducks weren't interested in hugs but rather the slice of bread we brought along with us to feed them. I am looking forward to many more evenings like this during our time in Baltimore
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