Sunset on Dean Way (for now)

And so we have left California again and landed safely back in Maryland. It was hard leaving our home, harder than it was before. (I only cried a little during take off.)It was a long day filled with airports but once again Joaquin was a great traveler. He slept on and off and looked out the window, threw some melon on the floor and shredded the foam coffee cup from the plane. I couldnt have been luckier, seriously! He was my entertainment.
We woke to cherry blossoms and sunshine which was a delightful suprise. A long walk thru Fells Point neighborhood and along the harbor. It was just what the little guy needed to sooth him into a nap...and me too. I am looking forward to these six or so weeks. We have a lot planned, baseball games, The Zoo (Joaquin's first time) trips to Philly and New York. ...I am also looking forward to being back at home, having my baby girl in July and lazy summer days next to the pool.
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