Dining Out with Baby

Being an Urbanite is something not entirely new to me. I have loved the atmosphere most cities evoke and spent time exploring and enjoying what they have to offer,...all before having a child. Now as a new mom I am learning how to enjoy city life in a slightly different capacity. I still love and enjoy the entertainment, history, culture and food!! I dont feel shorted or handicapped in anyway with my little guy in tow.  I guess the approach is just a little different. I want to enjoy what it is that Joaquin is seeing/doing as well as what I am seeing/doing...if that makes sense to you all (it does to me!!)
 I am not sure if it is the area in which I have lived in California most my life or if it is just the west coast lifestlye that for me, has offered an issue free experience eating out with Joaquin. My husband and I have not had one awkward experience back home when bringing Joaquin with us to dinner, not one. I cannot say the same for Charm City. Baltimore has offered the good and the bad as far as dining out with a toddler.I must mention that JQ is not a screamer and we don't leave a disaster under the highchair! So why the cold shoulder??? I think it has to do with the atmosphere these establishments want to portray,..not that they actually exist. Indeed these "hooty tooty" establishments may have done us a favor. As a result of our not so fabulous experience inside your doors we have moved on to some really great spots in our own neighborhood.  Harbor East and Fells Point have some hoppin eateries with really great food and atmosphere. These are the places you enjoy for a lazy Sunday Brunch or just the typical weeknight dinner. The crowd is younger and friendly. There is some trendy, tasty stuff out there and we plan on trying it out, all three and a half of us! Cheers!!

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