Philadelphia..With The Works!

We took a day trip to Philadelphia which is only 90 miles away from Charm City. The history there is truely amazing. You learn about all this stuff in school but there really is nothing like seeing where it all took place.

What is amazing to me as well is how different these cities all are and how relatively close they are to one another! Philly certainly has its own style and feel...very different from Baltimore and D.C. Olde city is hip with lots of places to eat and go out along with all the historical sites a few blocks away! We drove in early and stopped in for some brunch at The Continental, a trendy diner and martini bar! It was a buzzing little place on the corner in olde city Philly. Our tickets to see Independence Hall were not until the afternoon so we took a quick walk to The Irish Memorial at Penns Landing before heading to Reading Terminal Market. This is an  indoor market just next to the train station. It reminded me of the indoor markets in Mexico...all the different vendors selling food, crafts etc. Worth a walk through or stopping for lunch and it is right on the way to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Train Station and City Hall.

We purchased some homemade licorice for Joaquin in the market which he loves thanks to my Dad who slips him some when we visit. Joaquin stopped and talked to the (dead) fish for sale which I thought was adorable but we got some strange looks...I must admit we did not walk to the Art Museum entirely because of me. We started the walk and then I remembered all those steps (flashback to The Rocky movies.) My pregnant self told me we had a lot more walking to do that day...So we turned around and headed back toward the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.
 I took my time in the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum and read the plaques displayed there and I am so glad I did. This has truely been a symbol of independence and equality for the people of our country. This and the Lincoln Memorial have been the most touching, memorial to me so far. Independence Hall was next where we visited the actual room that the Declaration of Independence was disccused and signed as well as the U.S. Constitution. I also poked my head into a most intriging Charles Darwin Exhibit. After our history lesson we decided to get a late lunch. We had, surprise here, Philly Cheesesteaks at Campos Deli. I am not a huge red meat fan but this was something I just had to try and I am so glad I did, it was delicious!! I had mine with The Works which is onion, bell pepper, mushrooms and provolone. Joaquin, sadly fell asleep on the walk over so he did not get to try any. By the time we had finished it was late afternoon so we headed back to Baltimore. It was a very full day but so worth it!

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