Born Traveler

Well, Joaquin and I have made it safely to Baltimore and my little guy proved to be a wonderful traveler once again. This being our first flight alone (without my husband etc)I was just a bit unsure on how we would do on a five hour flight. Joaquin was an angel. We had no seats in front of us and a bit extra leg room which made a difference as well. We played, read a book, ate, slept and had at least two bottles! He was fascinated by all the people and the plane. We were both pretty tired when we arrived at 11:30pm and SO happy to see Henry in the baggage claim area waiting for us. We are happily settling in to our new surroundings. Baltimore is a busy place and certainly runs on a different clock than home in California. Joaquin has already adjusted to the time change and I am hoping to follow suit any day now!! Morning sickness has seemed to gone away and the preggo belly has no doubtingly arrived!! More to come from Maryland ya'll..!!
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