Breast Is Best

I was reflecting on how very lucky I have been to nurse Joaquin. Realizing there are those that are unable or unwilling to breastfeed their babies, I feel blessed. For those that are simply unwilling I am frustrated and bewildered. For those that are unable I am so very sorry. Today Joaquin and I were lying on the soft cozy bed in our spare room looking at each other and enjoying just being close as he nursed. He will touch my nose, my face, my shirt and gentle feels my hair with his fingers spread wide open. Sometimes he will stop eating to coo and baby talk a moment, turn away to look for his dad who he can hear talking to me. Then he quickly turns back and starts eating again. No one else will share this closeness with Joaquin and I know that soon he will nurse less and less and maybe that is why I am thinking of how special it is now. I want to remember these moments forever. When he is grown or not so grown(but thinks he is)...I want to remember.
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