Stroller Envy

Being new to this whole Mommy thing I am finding out daily that even in "Mommyhood" there are cool trends! Not only do I need to be a toned, tightened, well rested and fashionable mommy but my baby and stroller too should be "on trend". I have been lucky enough to be a number of new-ish moms in the area and through this meeting and socialization I have discovered (a bit late) the fabulous-ness of the BOB jogging stroller! My husband and I had heard the name while being preggo and even took a trip down to the local sports store to check the BOB strollers out. Cool they are, in our price range they were NOT. So we quickly erased them from our minds and kept shopping. We were lucky enough to find the jogging stroller we currently have made by Schwin and are reasonably happy with it. After all you would think a stroller made by a bike company would have the same feel and it does, thank goodness. And yet,... it is still NO BOB stroller. In every Mommy group I seem to go to, every function or outing, another BOB stroller. WHY did no one tell me about this phenomenon? They are everywhere and aptly named the BOB Revolution Stroller. Still with all its light weight, high impact, off-road, shock absorbing, patented suspension system perks I cannot bring myself to trading in for one. I will not!
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