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This little miracle does not stop amazing me. Last week he bounced himself across the room in his bouncey chair (which he loves!). I couldn't believe it.
He is so strong. He is almost too big for the little chair but I have a feeling we will have it for a lot longer. He will bounce himself to sleep in it and for $30.00 get a whole lot of use from it. In the morning he is happy to sit and bounce while I make coffee and get ready for the day. The last few days he is practically sitting up on his own. He is still trying to sit up from a laying down position but no doubt he will master that soon too. As soon as he is sitting up he grabs and reaches for anything that is close to him, slapping his open palms on his thighs and cooing.
He has figured out too how to stop himself from swinging by holding on to the side of his swing. He does this every time I put him in the swing now. He drops his toys on the floor while sitting in the swing and smiles at the BANG!! sound.
He is a stinker and I love it! AND if these now developments weren't enough he has a new trick now too at diaper changing time. As soon as the diaper is off he flips on his side and arches his back, holding stiff and smiling all the while. It seems as if he is learning so quickly now. Every day I am noticing a new skill or interest. Crawling will be here in no time and then he can really explore! What a lucky girl I am to be here with him, seeing all these firsts and coaxing him all the while. My heart seems too small for my chest these days with the giggles and snickers coming from this little person.
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  1. It is funny how the same thing over and over can be so amusing to a child. He drops it... You pick it up..he drops it again. Although I am positive you have mastered motherhood day by day... as they grow, so do you. My daughter will be in kindergarten this week and I have to be honest. If she dropped the same thing more than a couple of times, I would surely be frustrated. Reading your writing, I remember how inspiring it is to be a new mother and how empowered I felt in doing so. Congratulations to you and your child... I offer no words of advice because I dont think you need any. You are one of the few who was truly meant for this blessing.



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