Once Again

And finally the days are getting longer, the sun is warmer and life seems to be finding a rhythm once again. I was not born to live in snow and ice, this I am confident of. Since visiting this space the last time there have been revelations, remodeling, celebrations and something we can always rely on, change. It's good to be back in Northern California amongst family and friends. People that give without you asking and want nothing more than for you to share a bit of their happiness. Now that we can go without multiple layers of clothing the kiddos and I are beginning to feel ourselves again. Wiggling our toes out of our open toed sandals and feeling the suns burn on our bare arms. Our life outdoors can commence...
This past week we have taken family big rides in Bidwell Park. The little ones even dared to get in the creek to look for fish or some strange thing that might move or glimmer under water. We enjoyed the company of a egret bird perched in a pine tree in the yard just before a spring rain shower. We walked the Farmers Market with friends and wiped strawberry juice from our chin and hands. The three of us squat down, our faces near the ground to inspect our gardens seedlings rising from the dirt. Our ears burn as a cool wind blows through on North Rim trail. We slap at mesquitos in the evening and warm our faces with a bonfire at night. This is what life is to me. My life outdoors.

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