I've come to this place countless times in the past few weeks only to leave it as I found it. No new post or pictures from me doesn't mean I have stopped writing them or capturing moments on film. I just haven't had the "need" to share them here. In one larger swoop things have changed for us, for the better. We moved back into our lovely Northern California home after a year living at the sunny beach. Mr. got a promotion and Joaquin started PreSchool. My house, my children, my family and beloved husband have captured my full attention. The natural beauty of my surroundings have me speechless. I am fulfilled to simply be. Taking it as it comes, embracing what I can, wading in the water and the surf of life. I'm happy. I do intend on writing here on occasion but with no regularity. My love for personal blogs still exist and I find myself reading my favorites almost everyday. I am still on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest if your looking to check in on us.
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  1. Thanks for the update. I too have moments when other parts of my life take over, but I love blogging & blogs, and always find my way back!



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